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Health Care for America

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Cost Impact Analysis for the "Health Care for America" Proposal [PDF]
prepared by The Lewin Group, Inc.

Health Care for America
by Jacob Hacker

The United States is the only country in the developed world that does not guarantee access to health care as a right of citizenship. Ironically, the United States spends more as a share of its economy on health care than any other nation, yet all this spending has failed to buy Americans health security. Jacob Hacker's Health Care for America plan would extend coverage to all Americans while creating an effective framework for controlling medical costs and improving health care provision.

Supplemental materials

News release [PDF]

Lewin Group Cost Impact Analysis: Executive Summary [PDF]

Costs and Savings: Breakdown of Lewin Group Cost Analysis [PDF]

Two Approaches to U.S. Health Care Reform: Shared Responsibility vs. 'You're On Your Own' [PDF]

Lewin Cost Analysis: Coverage Fact Sheet [PDF]



Health Care for America podcast [MP3 audio, 13 minutes, 15 MB]

Event transcript

January 11, 2007 event: Includes Jacob Hacker presentation on health care. Read transcript.[PDF] 

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