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APRIL 29, 2008
Our latest event addressed critically needed federal investments in infrastructure, including transportation, school buildings, and information networks. The Economic Policy Institute presented Gov. Edward Rendell (keynote speaker) and others for a lively discussion on how public investments in our nation's infrastructure can provide short-term stimulus while also building the foundation for long-term economic growth. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) outlined the nation's infrastructure needs. Mary Filardo (21st Century School Fund) discussed the economic and educational benefits of federal funding to build and repair public schools. Mark Lloyd (Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights) discussed Internet and technology infrastructure. EPI's John Irons moderated the forum. Audio, video, and a full written transcript from this event are now available.

FEBRUARY 13, 2008

This forum, with a keynote address from Senator Sherrod Brown, saw the release of three new reports on manufacturing in America. The new reports include: Sue Helper (Case Western Reserve, NBER, and MIT) on Renewing U.S. Manufacturing: Promoting a High-Road Strategy; George Sterzinger (Renewable Energy Policy Project) on the need for a strong domestic manufacturing sector in promoting renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and EPI economist Robert Scott provided background data on the continued importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy. Audio, video, a written transcript, and other materials from this event are now available. [News release [PDF])

NOVEMBER 20, 2007
This event included the release of three new reports on retirement security. Teresa Ghilarducci (New School for Social Research) discussed her new briefing paper, Guaranteed Retirement Accounts, a plan which combines the best features of traditional defined-benefit pensions and 401(k)-style defined-contribution plans. Nancy Altman (Pension Rights Center) contributed a briefing paper on Protecting Social Security's Beneficiaries, and Virginia Reno (National Academy of Social Insurance) presented her briefing paper about Building on Social Security's Success. Audio, video, and a full transcript from this event are now available. (News release [PDF])

OCTOBER 2, 2007
Alleviating Poverty was held on Tuesday, October 2. Author Barbara Ehrenreich, Nancy Cauthen of Columbia University's National Center for Children and Poverty, and EPI's Jared Bernstein discussed various issues and present new research on the topic of poverty amelioration. Check out audio, video, slide shows, and a written transcript from the event.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Senator Edward Kennedy kicked off this event, co-hosted by The American Prospect and EPI on September 14. EPI co-founder and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discussed his latest book, Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life. Check out audio, video, and a written transcript of the event.

JUNE 22, 2007

This event, More Jobs, Good Jobs, was held on Friday, June 22. The keynote speaker was Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, who spoke on full employment and the Federal Reserve Board. The economist Tom Palley delivered a paper on reviving full employment policy, and Jeff Madrick, the editor of Challenge Magazine, visiting professor of humanities at The Cooper Union, and director of policy research at the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, The New School, spoke on public investment and a high wage economic growth model. Audio, video, and a full written transcript from this event are now available.

MAY 24, 2007
The Agenda's fifth event, Getting Real About Families, was held on Thursday, May 24. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), a senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee and the sponsor of the Healthy Families Act, which requires employers to provide at least 7 days a year that can be used for sick leave, was the keynote speaker. The event featured Heidi Hartmann from the Institute for Women's Policy Research, who presented a paper outlining a comprehensive work-family policy for the U.S. Janet Gornick, professor of Political Science at Baruch College, the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and Associate Director of the Luxembourg Income Study, presented a paper on the European, Japanese and U.S. experience regulating work hours to allow a better work-family balance. Audio, video, and a written transcript from this event are now available.

APRIL 12, 2007
The fourth event for the Agenda was held on April 12. Nobel prize-winning economist and best-selling author Joseph Stiglitz was the keynote speaker. Other panelists included Henry Aaron, Joan Lombardi, and Max Sawicky. Video, audio, slide shows, and a full transcript from the event are available.

MARCH 28, 2007
The Agenda's third forum took place at EPI on March 28. Former Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall led a panel of discussants and presented findings from his briefing paper on getting immigration reform right. Ron Hira was also on the panel, discussing his briefing paper on high-skill guest worker rules, as was Mary Bauer, whose recent report[PDF] exposes the abuses guest workers systematically experience in the United States. For more details regarding the panelists and their respective reports, view the invitation to this event. Video and audio as well as a full transcript [PDF] from the event are available. (News release [PDF])

FEBRUARY 22, 2007
The project's second event was held on Capitol Hill on February 22, with a keynote address by Paul Krugman and presentations of new Briefing Papers on the need for a new Social Contract, whether workers still want unions, and how unions and the Employee Free Choice Act help address the rise in income inequality. Video and audio from the event as well as a full transcript[PDF] are now available. More information can also be found in the news release.[PDF]

JANUARY 11, 2007
The project's first event was held at EPI on January 11, with a keynote address by Sen. James Webb and presentations on health care policy by Jacob Hacker and globalization by Jeff Faux.  Video and audio from this event are now available, as is a full written transcript.[PDF]  See also the news release.[PDF]




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