Agenda for Shared Prosperity



October 9, 2009

Sustaining workers' bargaining power in an age of globalization -- Institutions for the meaningful enforcement of international labor rights
by Mark Barenberg

April 29, 2008

Good buildings, better schools: An economic stimulus opportunity with long-term benefits
by Mary Filardo

Investing in U.S. infrastructure: Promoting economic stimulus and growth
by John Irons

April 17, 2008

Offsets and the Lack of a Comprehensive U.S. Policy: What Do Other Countries Know That We Don't?
by Owen E. Herrnstadt

February 28, 2008

Do subprime loans create subprime cities? Surging inequality and the rise in predatory lending
by Gregory D. Squires

February 13, 2008

Building energizing prosperity: Renewable energy and re-industrialization
by George Sterzinger

The importance of manufacturing: Key to recovery in the states and the nation
by Robert E. Scott

Renewing U.S. manufacturing: Promoting a high-road strategy
by Susan Helper

November 20, 2007

Building on Social Security's success
by Virginia P. Reno

Protecting Social Security's beneficiaries: Achieving balance without benefit cuts
by Nancy J. Altman

Guaranteed retirement accounts: Toward retirement income security
by Teresa Ghilarducci

October 2, 2007

Work, work supports, and safety nets: Reducing the burden of low-incomes in America
by Jared Bernstein

Improving work supports: Closing the financial gap for low-wage workers and their families
by Nancy K. Cauthen

June 22, 2007

Breaking the stranglehold on growth: Why policies promoting demand offer a better way for the U.S. economy
by Jeff Madrick

Reviving full employment policy: Challenging the Wall Street paradigm
by Thomas Palley

May 24, 2007

The Work-Family Balance: An Analysis of European, Japanese, and U.S. Work-Time Policies
by Janet C. Gornick, Alexandra Heron, and Ross Eisenbrey

An economy that puts families first: Expanding the social contract to include family care
by Heidi Hartmann, Ariane Hegewisch, and Vicky Lovell

March 28, 2007

Outsourcing America's technology and knowledge jobs
by Ron Hira

March 15, 2007

Getting immigration reform right
by Ray Marshall

February 22, 2007

Unions, the economy, and employee free choice
by Harley Shaiken

Do workers still want unions? More than ever
by Richard B. Freeman

A new social contract: Restoring dignity and balance to the economy
by Thomas Kochan and Beth Shulman

January 11, 2007

Agenda for Shared Prosperity: An overview

Globalization that works for working Americans
by Jeff Faux

Health care for America: A proposal for guaranteed, affordable health care for all Americans building on Medicare and employment-based insurance
by Jacob S. Hacker





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